Information for employers

Supporting the wellbeing of your employees has never been more important. Lead the way in invisible disability inclusion.

Living and working through the pandemic has been challenging for everyone, but for employees with invisible disabilities and conditions, things have been especially difficult.

Now is the time to lead from the front, to change your workplace for the better by committing to supporting people with invisible conditions.

We’ve got the tools and resources to help your company be more inclusive. 

By signing up to our Silver or Gold pledges we can help you better support people living with invisible conditions – through visual assets, training, and resources.

All the campaign resources are free. You can see a full list of them here.

Inclusion benefits everyone

Companies that recognise the needs of people with invisible conditions can improve the productivity of the workforce, reduce staff turnover and drive better employee wellbeing and satisfaction1.

1. Working Well: Promoting job and career opportunities for those with IBD, 2015, The Work Foundation, page 48.