Marta was diagnosed with Crohn’s when she was 22 years old. She was in remission for around eight years until she gave birth to her daughter. This was when she contracted sepsis which triggered a huge relapse. Marta was in hospital for a month. The sepsis and Crohn’s meant that she couldn’t hold or feed her baby for several months after her birth. Therefore, both Marta and her new born baby, required a lot of support from her husband.

Marta had dreamt about being a mother for so long, but when she finally became one, she felt that she just couldn’t do it. Everyday tasks like cleaning, cooking and even playing with her baby felt impossible. She avoided public places and ate very little, for fear of needing the toilet urgently. “I keep a little play area in the toilet for my baby to occupy herself as I need to spend so much time in the toilet.”

Once, a neighbour called social services because they hadn’t seen Marta leaving the house for a while, and they said that they were concerned for her child’s wellbeing. Marta ended up having to explain her condition to the police, and at one point feared that they would take her child away from her.

Marta is raising awareness so that she no longer feels like she is trapped in her own home. She feels that changing toilet signs is a small effort but one that will make a huge difference for many people.