Muneeb was diagnosed with Crohn’s in the second year of his college apprenticeship, aged 19. As much as he wanted to work, sometimes he couldn’t. Muneeb wanted to go out with his friends but the fatigue, self-consciousness and fear of having an accident made it impossible. Even getting out of bed became a mission. He ended up missing social events and as a result became very isolated “People in my culture don’t always want to understand or talk about personal issues. This was one of the biggest challenges I had to deal with.”

For Muneeb, the possibility of others saying something when he uses an accessible toilet is a constant worry. Even strangers when out and about said he couldn’t use them. When he tried to explain his condition to them, they believed he was making it sound worse than it actually was.

Muneeb is raising awareness in the Not Every Disability is Visible campaign to let people know that if there is that extra support from others, with the signs installed in public places, people like him can feel more relaxed about venturing out of the house, socialising and living their lives.