Are You IN? Pledges

Companies can sign up to either our Silver or Gold pledges - the most important point is starting the journey. We don't expect companies to implement all of the pledges straight away, we just ask that you sign up, implement what you can and have a clear plan for considering the rest of the pledges this year. Remember you may already be implementing some or most of the pledges already - this is great. In which case please sign up to make sure you're advertising your commitment to invisible disability both internally and externally.

The Silver pledges are all about Appointing, Empowering and Informing. These pledges will make sure the right people are in place to support the campaign, that staff are empowered to build their knowledge and confidence in discussing invisible conditions and that everyone through building their knowledge around invisible disabilities and conditions and that everyone across the organisation is informed and understands what the campaign is, how it can support them or their colleagues.


  • Appoint an Invisible Condition Rep as a point of contact to signpost colleagues towards the campaign resources and relevant company policies or employee assistance programmes. Please note, a training guide covers the specific remit of this role, which is not an advice-giving role.
  • Install Not Every Disability is Visible accessible toilet signs in company accessible toilets. Our template signage can be used or adapted into your own company branding if preferred.


  • Empower managers, HR and people living with invisible conditions with the confidence to talk about invisible conditions by promoting our conversation guides. They give tips, practical examples, and support on how to approach conversations about invisible conditions.
  • Train and educate all staff on invisible conditions and, specifically, Crohn’s and Colitis. There are a range of training options from apps to videos and infographics to choose from.
  • Comply with current government recommendations for a COVID-19 safe workplace, including conducting a risk assessment where an employee at moderate or high risk of complications from coronavirus is asked to come back to the company workspace.
  • Consider, both currently and as part of a post-COVID climate, offering remote and flexible working hours as a means of not only improving employee wellbeing but also productivity and job satisfaction.


  • Roll-out a selection of campaign assets to promote staff engagement with the campaign, choosing from email signatures, Outlook profile pictures, screensavers, stickers and posters.
  • Announce support of the campaign internally and externally. We’ll provide template internal comms, a press release and social media posts to make this easy.
  • Report bi-annually in the first year and annually thereafter on pledge implementation and impact on staff. We’ll provide a short survey and the questions can be incorporated into any existing staff surveys you might have.

The Gold pledges are all about taking your commitment one step further, once you've completed the Silver pledges. By becoming a Gold employer, your company can offer your employees with invisible conditions the highest level of support. You can help us to spread the word about the campaign by promoting your commitment externally and encourage other companies to get involved, increasing support for people with invisible conditions across on a much wider scale.

  • Offer remote working and flexible working hours to staff.
  • Promote your campaign pledge badge externally on some aspects of your company literature such as email signatures / recruitment packs / website etc.
  • Illustrate, through a case study, the work that you are doing within the invisible condition space. Publish your it on your website and we will promote the content across our social channels and Not Every Disability is Visible website.
  • Host a Not Every Disability is Visible virtual launch event for employees. We’d be happy to discuss ideas for this with you.
  • Facilitate the sign up of any sister companies and / or suppliers to the campaign.
  • Talk to us about other ways you may be able to support our work.
  • Fundraise for Crohn’s & Colitis UK. We can provide a variety of fundraising options to suit.

If you have any questions about implementing your pledges please contact